Splenda Daddy VS Sugar Daddy Which One Is Better? Why?

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spenda daddy

Splenda Daddy is a straight or gay older man who desires to spend time having relationships with younger individuals. The Splenda daddy aims to provide financial assistance to the partner in exchange for love and attention but is not as rich as the sugar daddy. Sugar daddies who by any chance have lost their job or suffered a financial loss can become Splenda daddies. In layman's language a man who strives to be a sugar daddy but does not have adequate funds then they are fit as a Splenda daddy.

What Does Sugar Daddy Mean?

A sugar daddy is caring and has the attitude to help young individuals. Mostly sugar daddy dating is about two people who wanted to be there for each other. One partner is a financially well-settled person who has a keen desire to help the younger person. The younger person genuinely cares and loves the sugar daddy. A substantial part of sugar daddy dating is about feeling good by helping others in exchange for love and togetherness.

Reason To Date Sugar Daddies:

Getting listed as a sugar baby on the sugar daddy dating site happens for multiple reasons. Several perks come into the association as one decides to become a sugar baby. Sugar daddy on the other hand becomes one to boost his savior complex. The daddy has all the wealth in this world and has a keen desire to pamper and care for a sugar baby. Girls on the other hand become sugar babies for the following reasons:

  • Financial assistance- sugar baby does not have a settled career and comes from a humble background. Thus there is a need for money to help pay college fees and other expenses. The sugar daddy has a plethora of funds and can easily help the young lady with all her expenses. The young lady gets the amount and right guidance that helps her to soar in her career. Settling in life is not easy at all oneself. With the help of the sugar daddy and his guidance, the young girl can achieve success.
  • Sex is a part of sugar dating- everyone desires to have sexual relations. Sugar dating also has an element of sex that both enjoy it. There is no compulsion rather on mutual consent it is there. However, it is not mandatory to have sex. If both have the urge to have sex and get intimate then only it happens.
  • It is an unconventional lifestyle- Most people do not understand or approve of sugar daddy dating. It is a transactional relationship based on the mutual benefit of the two parties. The sugar daddy gets satisfaction and a feeling of completion when he supports the sugar baby. Thus there is nothing wrong with it. Having a positive outlook and making the most of it while in the relationship. The relationship is temporary in nature thus enjoy it till it lasts.
  • Maintain your boundaries- while negotiating with your sugar daddy maintain clarity regarding your expectations. This will help in maintaining a sorted relationship that will not cause any confusion. Let him know about your availability and other important terms so that both are at peace and comfort when in the relationship. Do not be opportunistic or even abused. Depending on the remuneration or benefits that the sugar baby gets she needs to work as per that.
  • It is the success ladder for sugar babies- the sugar daddy is a rich and influential person. When you are with him try to make the most out of time. Use his contacts to build your network and achieve what you desire.

Splenda Daddy VS Sugar Daddy:

Both Splenda daddy and sugar daddy dating scenarios are based on mutual benefits. These are short-term relationships therefore have no strings attached concept associated with them. The two parties help and support each other in tough and happy times.

Both Splenda daddy and sugar daddy depending on their pocket size help and support their sugar babies. Sugar babies on the other hand genuinely care and provide companionship to their sugar daddies. It is all about being there for one another. The basic difference is that sugar daddy is wealthy and Splenda daddy is not equally rich.

Love Is Not Affected By Money:

Love is blind and is not affected by looks or money. However, sugar daddy or Splenda daddy relationships depend on the number of gifts and cash that one can give. If the pocket size is small one will have to make compromises.

The compromise could be not getting the best sugar baby on the site. Or it could be not getting much attention and care from the sugar baby as you will not spoil her to the core. Sugar daddy dating is commercial and Splenda daddy is not that well paying. Therefore they will need to adjust to the limitations. Sugar daddy and Splenda's daddy fight for the love of sugar baby and the one with the bigger cheque wins the battle.

Splenda Daddy Is The New And Unique Dating Experience:

Like money and financial assistance, even looks and appeal are not the same for all. Not all girls are that beautiful and young to attract a sugar daddy. However, they could use some help and financial assistance.

Thus in such cases going with Splenda daddy is a wise decision. Some help is better than no help. Splenda daddy is the perfect substitute for a sugar daddy. Splenda daddy has the intention of spoiling you but then is not that indulgent as there are budget restraints.

Both Are Good In Their Aspect

Splenda is not real sugar dating but then it adds sweetness to life like sugar. Sugar daddy is the original epitome of love and spoiling. Splenda daddy is the first copy of sugar daddy. It serves the purpose but then with a few restrictions, with sugar daddy there is no limit on spending but Splenda daddy has a fixed budget. Sugar daddy if faces loss in business could end up being Splenda daddy. On the other hand, splenda daddy could become a sugar daddy if things favor them.

Feelings matter if a sugar daddy mistreats you but spends a fortune then also there is no point in being in the relationship. Whereas despite giving small cash to splurge but if they pamper to core then it's better to be in this relation. Sugar daddy himself leads a very luxurious life and makes you part of this life. On the other hand, Splenda's daddy himself has limitations and leads an average life in which you are included.

Take Wise Decisions:

Sugar daddy or Splenda daddy relationship is about getting favors. It is evident that sugar daddy has the capacity to honor the relationship by giving luxurious and expensive gifts. Splenda daddy is often used as slang to describe a man with a limited budget who desires to step in the shoes of a sugar daddy.

Sugar babies have limited time thus to make the most of it is wise to settle with a sugar daddy. Splenda daddy is himself struggling thus despite having the intentions will not pamper to the core. The sugar daddy will never negotiate regarding the expenses with you but Splenda daddy will always negotiate. With sugar daddy, your life will become super comfortable however with Splenda daddy things will get easier but not completely.